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The Belize Zoo

The Belize Zoo

The Belize Zoo is a unique stop for animal lovers. Here one can see more than 125 different types of animals which are native to Belize. The zoo is set around 29 acres of tropical savanna and provides a natural setting for all the wildlife. One will learn about all the unique qualities of these creatures as well as the importance of protecting their natural habitat. With a chance to view Jaguars, Tapirs, Howler Monkeys, and Margays, this stop should not be missed. The Belize zoo is located an hour away from Ka’ana enroute to Belize City.

And for a truly unbelievable experience, you can go into the Jaguar cage and hand feed “Junior” a young jaguar who was taken into the zoo when his mother was shot and who is fast becoming the star of the zoo. This has to be arranged in advance, and you will of course be in a cage within his cage and thoroughly safe.

Whether you want to only go to the Belize zoo or combine this with other tours, we can customize an experience to meet your needs. Contact us to arrange for your Belize zoo tour today.

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