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Organic Garden

Organic Garden

2-Acre Garden

At Ka’ana we believe in sustainability. Our relationship with the environment is one of our resort’s top priorities. We also believe in delicious food!

We’ve brought these two loves together in our gorgeous two-acre organic garden. Every day our guests dine on the freshest tomatoes, spinach and cucumbers picked just steps away from our restaurant, La Ceiba. 

Having all these fresh ingredients on-site is so important to our chefs. Up to 80% of the vegetables used in our kitchen come straight from the Ka’ana grounds. When they decide a dish needs some fresh cilantro, pumpkin, or sweet peppers, they just pop outside to our own mini-farm and pick the finest produce straight from the ground.

Whether it’s our famous Lobster & Arugula Pesto Fettuccine or a simple platter of local fruit with breakfast, we take great pride in our sustainable approach to modern Belize cuisine. It’s a labor of love, and we hope your taste buds love it too!