Welcome to the Ka’ana Blog



We warmly welcome you to Ka’ana, which means “heavenly place”  in the Mayan language.

We are delighted that you have decided to visit the beautiful Cayo District of Belize where there is an abundance of high quality tours and experiences, all of which are worth visiting. Mayan temples, ancient caves, sparkling rivers where you can go tubing or canoeing, majestic rainforest, horseback riding are just a few of those choices, and our concierge will be pleased to assist in planning trips and activities; and creating a personalized itinerary.


After a long day touring our country where else to relax than in our tranquil and romantic spa enjoying a variety of calming and revitalizing massages, body and hair treatments. We recommend making an appointment before starting your day & adventure.


During your visit we would like you to know that each and every member of the team is dedicated to making your stay a pleasurable and memorable one. Please count on us to be there to assist with any request or service you require.


And so to food! Chef Manolo Castillo is recognized as one of the finest Executive Chefs in Belize and we hope that you will enjoy a carefully balanced culinary range of dishes to tickle and delight all your taste-buds. To compliment the food, we invite you to try some fine wines and cocktails from our wine cellar and Martini Lounge Bar.


Ka’ana was designed as a tribute to Belize and its people – all of the wooden furniture is made of Belizean hardwood by local craftsmen. Also, all of the artwork and slate carvings were commissioned from local artists specifically for display and sale at Ka’ana.


On behalf of the entire team “Kulun Bilesh” which is Mayan for “welcome”.  Enjoy your visit.



Nick Davies

General Manager