Romance Group from BETEX 2008 plants ginger tree in Ka\'ana\'s guest garden

To contribute to the current global initiative to reduce carbon emissions, Ka’ana Boutique Resort & Spa, a new luxury resort located in the Cayo District of Belize, has implemented the Trade Trees for Travel program for guests. The program offers guests the opportunity to plant a tree on property and offset their own personal carbon footprint.

“As a 15-room boutique resort, Ka’ana isn’t doing an extreme amount of damage to the environment, but this program gives us the chance to combat the climate crisis, while also encouraging guests to do their part,” said Nick Davies, general manager of Ka’ana and the mastermind behind the new program.

Ka’ana Boutique Resort & Spa sits on terrain that has been farmland ever since the Mayans once laid claim to it. The new Trade Trees for Travel program will add to the lush vegetation and fruit trees that already adorn the property by planting a variety of trees, including mahogany and ginger.The program is completely subsidized by Ka’ana.

The new Trade Trees for Travel program isn’t the only thing Ka’ana is doing to give back.The resort has been preserving the landscape and the local culture since its official grand opening in September. All of the furnishings throughout the resort are crafted locally and made with local products/wood and the unique artwork in the rooms was purchased from local artists. The resort also grows a majority of its own produce in an organic garden, which is used by Chef Manolo Castillo to prepare his signature dishes.

With a perfect balance of luxury, adventure and relaxation, Ka’ana Boutique Resort & Spa is a haven for travelers seeking the ultimate Belizean experience.

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