Wine Wine..Glorious Wine!


Hotel guests gathered in the Martini Lounge bar with Ka’ana’s General Manager, Nick Davies to sample some Pinot Grigio. The objective apart from just having a fun little get together was to select a new Pinot Grigio to compliment the existing Santa Margarita which made it onto Ka’ana’s first list and has stayed as a staple favorite ever since. After much chewing and slurping (not a lot of spitting, they were all great), there was a unanimous verdict. Sartori, from Venezie, Italy was the clear winner and will make it onto the new list which will be delivered in a couple weeks. There is still some tasting to be done, so if you are heading Ka’ana’s way, remember to ask what’s on the investigation list! Pictured with Nick are Donna and Fernando from Toronto, Ontario; John and Sally from Indianapolis, Indiana; honeymooners Jonas and Nan from Maryland, and Mike and Cindy from Belize.