Italian wine tasting at the Martini Lounge Bar


In an effort to deliver a high quality food and beverage experience, Ka’anas’ management team and restaurant staff spent the evening in the Martini Lounge Bar with Pamela and John from Rumfish y Vino in Placencia, Belize. Pamela Solomon has been a professional in the wine business in the States for many years before she and her husband decided to buy a restaurant in Belize and start importing wines. Her specialist area is “Italian wines.”

Pictured are Nick, Luky, Alex and Polo from the hotel with Pamela and John and some of their best friends (AKA great Italian wines) As the slurping wore on well into the night and at least 20 different Italian wines from all regions of Italy were checked out you can be assured of some exciting new Italian wines on the list and in the rooms as soon as they are delivered to the resort next week.

This was such a hard part of the staffs day to day work lives but we like to point out that no glasses or wine bottles were injured during the filming of this event. The staff certainly have a new found respect and enjoyment about Italian wines. Ka’ana will follow this up with an organised Italian wine tasting at the end of May also hosted by Pamela and John.

When you head down to Cayo, be sure to stop by the resort even if you are not staying at Ka’ana and ask for our new Italian greats, one thing for sure, drinking Italian wine it’s better than owning a Lamborghini, why? It doesn’t come in Yellow and it can’t give you a heart attack when the check comes………