Colin’s Blog – The Playlists



So it’s been one of those days where no amount of espresso will keep my mind focused! The hours keep ticking by and my to-do list keeps growing.  Which leads me to a task I always consider one of the easier on my schedule, expanding and updating the playlists for the restaurant and bar.  Seems like a fun job, something fairly straightforward and achievable irrespective of how my mushed my head is, right?  Maybe not… 

When we created La Ceiba Restaurant, the ethos was very much to represent the best of local and regional styles with an international flair.  Chef Kuylen reaches the gastro heights with his understanding of local favorites, doubled with his San Fran experience.  Polo brings the noise with his cocktails, and I’m reasonably happy with our wine offering (which I can’t blame on anyone else!).  We’ll come back another time to discuss design, service etc, but the part of the experience that’s often under-appreciated and overlooked is that of the music.  I chose to go with regional music of all kinds, as well as a few from further afield that we all personally enjoy.  I wanted the music to be chilled-out and loungy, have a latin edge, and wanted stayed away from lyrics (especially English) so as not to take away from the aesthetic of the culinary experience.  In general I opted for more light-hearted, upbeat music to make the experience more enjoyable and carefree.  Think vacations, chilling, summertime, food, cockails, friends and fun! 

Achieving this however is a whole ‘nother thing entirely!  Where to start?  It’s been a long road, a lot of trying and testing and listening and changing.  And it’s ever-evolving.  I cannot wait for our upcoming partnership with the ever-so-cool Stonetree Records, but in the meantime will have to settle for foraging through the internet wilderness, searching for the sweet taste of latin lounge music.  Wish me luck!