Belize Vacation Tips


As a country with great ecological diversity and a famous destination for travelers, visitors are advised to venture beyond its beaches or islands to explore its natural heritage as Belize has a magical interior that shouldn’t be overlooked. With so much to do and see, a good start to your vacation planning is to get ideas of activities and destinations that appeal to you.

  1. A true melting pot, Belize’s cultures and traditions compel you to travel inland to witness the many ethnicities which make up its population. Moreover, Belizean people are diverse, friendly and welcoming by nature; interact with them to experience aspects of their customs such as cuisine, dance and music.
  2. As an ideal tropical paradise, experience both sides to the “Belizean Coin” – a splash of the Caribbean Sea and a taste of the Central American heat! A “Sand & Stone” vacation, offered by partner resorts, allows you to spend half your days on an island with the remainder inland.
  3. Belize’s highlands mean lots of phenomenal cascades. In fact, the 1000 Foot Falls is the tallest in Central America. Refresh yourself in other impressive waterfalls such as Big Rock Falls, Five Sisters Falls and Rio On Pools – all in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve.
  4. Belize’s High Season begins with Winter in North America. Most of the time it’s challenging to find hotel accommodations so book your travel in advance. You can also book your vacation during the Low Season when prices are much lower and hotel accommodations are easy to find.
  5. With one of the most extensive and fantastic cave systems, Belize’s Cayo District is riddled with underground passages. Be sure to set aside a day for the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave – sure to be the highlight of your vacation!
  6. Dotted with ancient cities and ruins, visit Xunantunich – one of the most popular archaeological sites in the region; the panoramic view from “El Castillo”, the main structure, is definitely worth the trip!
  7. Filled with national parks to explore and wildlife sanctuaries to peruse, you’re guaranteed to see exotic as well as native creatures.
  8. Follow the annual La Ruta Maya River Challenge if you’re visiting during the first weekend in the month of March. It’s an exciting four-day cross-country canoe race which starts on the Macal River in the Twin Town of San Ignacio and ends on the Belize River in Belize’s Old Capital.
  9. Many Belize hotels offer all-inclusive packages, often customizing them to suit your needs and enhance your stay! An inland luxury hotel or jungle resort for example, may have quiet, natural surroundings, nearby attractions as well as personal spas which offer seclusion from too many people.
  10. Wander off the Beaten Path! However, be sure to tread carefully through natural sites to ensure Belize remains a jewel for locals and visitors alike.