Belize Mayan Shaman Session – A Truly Life Altering Experience


As a Reservations Clerk and the first point of contact for prospective clients seeking an unforgettable Belize, as well as Ka’ana experience, I was compelled to discover what the Life Altering Experience with Rosario Panti was all about. Yes, I had read her biography and had heard stories about what she does – some intriguing, others unbelievable. I had also read that Mayan Healing is holistic healing, with full awareness that the body, emotions, environment, mind and spirit are all interconnected. Curious to know this mysterious woman’s healing ability I made an appointment with her.

During the first few minutes of the massage we were both quiet as her hands worked their way from my head to my toes.  Some may find this massage intense, but I actually enjoyed it. She then broke the heavy silence by stating that I’ve taken great care of my body and that I should continue to do so. I extended her my gratitude and we both fell silent again. After a few minutes had passed she told me something about my personal life that piqued my interest since only three (3) other close relations know something so intimate. Even though I was taken aback, I smiled and awaited her further comments. It was at that point that I began to believe that this woman was indeed gifted and knew what she was doing. Throughout the remainder of the massage she complimented me on my good energy and health.

Having finished with the massage, she looked at her sastun as if though she could examine inside my body through it, after which she mentioned two important elements in my life that I was preoccupied with. It was as if she brought my feelings, my insecurities and my thoughts to life yet her words were very reassuring. Rosario genuinely made me see my life’s direction and purpose if I remain true to myself. In addition, the energy I felt after the massage was amazing! I would certainly recommend, without hesitation, a healing session with Rosario Panti to those who are looking for a truly life altering experience!

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