Sharon Matola – Belize’s Premier Wildlife Conservationist


When Sharon Matola impulsively started The Belize Zoo – the best little zoo in the world – in 1983, most locals had no idea what their national animal – the tapir – looked like, or the magnificent Harpy Eagle. Today it is the most interesting and diverse “reserve” in Central America, housing mammals, reptiles and birds in their natural habitat.

Matola has enjoyed a colourful career – with stints in the circus and filmmaking. Documented in the book The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw: One Woman’s Fight to Save the World’s Most Beautiful Bird (2008), by Bruce Barcott, she fought against the Challilo Dam Project in Belize and has lead the way as Belize’s premier wildlife conservationist and educator.  Sharon is more commonly known in Belize for her love of jaguars, as she personally nursed back to health a wounded jaguar, “Angel”, who lost her leg in the wild. Her story continues to unravel each and every day.

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