Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve


Imagine standing atop a cliff looking at a cascading waterfall below, hypnotized by the sight, the feel of the mist as it gently clings to you, listening to the sounds of the lush tropical forest tinged with silence… This is the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve.

Wander through landscapes of rolling pine forest that enhance the granite bases and hillsides which transform into a verdant broadleaf forest. Revere in the astounding and captivating scenery offered by the oldest landmass in Central America.

Referred to by the locals as “Pine Ridge”, it is renowned for its plethora of bellowing waterfalls and idyllic pools. The area also boasts an array of exotic and native wildlife: Orange-Breasted Falcon, Rofous-Capped Warbler and Stigion Owl to name a few. If fortunate, one might catch glimpses of the Chirping Sparrow and Hepatic Tanager during autumn and spring. Another of the most sought after attractions in this region are the Rio Frio Caves as it’s the largest accessible cavern in the country, complete with undisturbed remnants of an ancient civilization carpeting its limestone bed. Experience and explore this remarkable landmark filled with vivid sights and sounds that are sure to create lasting memories.

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