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Belize’s Caracol Maya Ruin


Lying in the heart of the Chiquibul Forest Reserve and deep within an almost untouched jungle, explore one of the world’s impressive and largest Maya Pyramids – Caracol (“The Snail”). Renowned for defeating and conquering its neighbouring rivals in Guatemala’s City Of Echoes, Tikal, this magnificent site is yours to behold after a scenic drive across Cayo’s highlands. Traverse through what was once the center of the Maya Empire, beholding detailed stelae, imposing complexes and pristine courtyards which offer a unique insight into the art, culture and mystery of a civilization that once was. Climb the tallest structure in the country, ancient or modern – Caana (“Sky Place”). Capped by three temples, it is sure to be the highlight of your visit as its stone walls stand at forty-two metres and rise above the rainforest canopy. Devour the uninhibited view of the surrounding mountains and embrace sightings of exotic wildlife that will only add to this unparalleled experience.