Ka’ana’s Adopt-A-School Program Update


In an effort to foster early childhood learning, Ka’ana adopted the Succotz Primary School, located in the nearby village of San Jose Succotz, in April of this year. Since then, we’ve raised US$1,275 which has helped us in executing initiatives such as the recently completed Bathroom Rehabilitation Project. In addition to arts & crafts supplies and the one-cubicle bathroom facility for the kindergartners, we’ve paid the US$18 yearly tuition for over sixty of the three hundred and sixty students currently attending by customizing our Summer Offer. Through generous donations, the staff was able to provide the school’s baseball team with sporting equipment and uniforms, which afforded them the opportunity to, not only compete in the National Softball Competition, but also secure the league’s first place.

We here at Ka’ana are committed to supporting the school with the following programs: Feeding Program, Scholarship Fund and Sports Program. We also plan to assist with the establishment of new bathroom and cafeteria facilities for the juniors and seniors as well as to fence the school grounds.