Zip Lining At Calico Jack’s Village – Ultimo Explorer


Soar through subtropical jungle on Belize’s longest aerial runway at over 2,700 feet and gain a bird’s eye view of the rainforest below!

Following a scenic 60-minute drive through rugged terrain, Calico Jack’s Village – sitting atop an incline in the Mountain Pine Ridge Region and surrounded by a private 400-acre reserve – comes into sight. Once there, you’re outfitted with climbing cable gear, helmets and leather gloves after which you’re instructed on how to traverse from one platform to the next – all while hooked to the railing from your harness; safety is the priority. Your guide then quickly explains the intricately designed course you’ll be zipping through: fifteen connecting platforms, including a suspended bridge, and culminating with a ride on a hydraulic jungle elevator which lifts you fifty-five feet above the jungle canopy!