Ka’ana Featured In Smarter Travel


“If the world had any ends, British Honduras [Belize] would certainly be one of them” (Jacques Cousteau) – and what better place to witness its end than atop a centuries-old Maya City in what was once the center of the Maya Empire?

Ka’ana’s “Overnight Adventure At Caracol” has been featured in Smarter Travel’s “10 Best Places To Be When The World Ends.” Smarter Travel, a Smarter Travel Media LLC Company, is one of the largest online travel resources offering deals, news and tips to its online members.

The piece, written by Jamie Moore – author and freelance writer, describes the experience as an amazing “bucket-list trip to see the last page of the Maya calendar” and highlights features of the experience including the Caana Temple climb, Ka’ana room replica, Maya gourmet dinner, and private-guided, torch-lit tour.