• AW Jeep

    So many things to comment on with this resort it makes it hard to pick which one to start with. So I will start with the resort first.

    We stayed at the San Ignacio Resort. Beautifully landscaped, well kept property that boasts a serene beauty that makes it every place you want to be.

    The staff – While the whole family at Ka’ana were tremendous to be with and around, there are two that have stayed and influenced me about how I feel regarding Belize.

    Javier did a wonderful job with the wine room – he is as friendly as anyone you would ever want to meet. Discussions ranged from everything about Belize, the wine, the property to his own personal interests – xBox – to which if he would have said he wanted the xBox One – I would have gladly picked one up and shipped it to him. Being around him was like being around your bestfriend, which made for that home feeling everyday at the resort!

    Oscar Gamez! – If I had a choice of who I wanted my brother to be – he would be it. Very giving, very outgoing, and there wasn’t a time I did not see him that he did not have a smile on his face, and that includes seeing him in town after a flipflop blowout! From the drink recommendations, food choices, and the atmosphere of the bar area, they should rename it, Oscar’s! He has had a tremendous affect on my view of how people should treat others, he would be the spokes person for it. I am just waiting for the wedding invitation for this next year!

    Andy and Emil – by far the best two people to be doing any excursion – anywhere…they had so vast knowledge of the areas we visited, but they take it to a whole different level. The conversations shared (if you truly get to know them) make learning from these to men something much more educational than any professor in a college. The experience of each excursion brought out the quest to learn more about the world they live in day in and day out, the world they were talking about for each area we visited.

    As for the day execursions – WOW, Tikal, ATM, San Antonio Pottery, Ziplines, Xunantunich
    and the tour guides that provided the experience, their knowledge and expertise, to the sit down conversations of family, friends, and life – it is a place I find myself wanting to live in. I am unable to convey the feeling of humbleness when you stop and look around from the top of one of the ruins to the solemness of the skeletal remains in ATM. It is tremendous!

    For the country as a whole, from what I saw, people helping each other, kindness, and the love of family, it brings about a longing to extend your trip and stay wrapped up in the world of Ka’ana, just so you can do it again the next day!

    So if you are looking for an experience that will affect you long after you leave, this is a place you will want to visit, this is a place you will want to stay. Everyone we met at Ka’ana embodies what I look for in people, gentleness, honor, integrity, geniuniness and commitment to helping out your neighbor. Remarkable trip, amazing experience, and humbling by the people that have blessed my life. I look forward to many more visits with them.