Top 10 Vacation Movies


Vacation is on our minds. What’s your favorite vacation movie? Here’s our Top 10:

1. The Beach – This is a backpacker’s almanac. After seeing this, who didn’t want to drop everything and move to that secret island? Young Leo and Tilda were amazing!

2. L’ Auberge Espagnole – Not only because Barcelona (One of our favorite cities.) is a beautiful backdrop in this film, but because it reminds us of the fun of studying abroad.

3. Into The Wild – Amazing story of a guy hungry to see the world in a new way (His way is a little extreme.), something we can all relate to.

4. National Lampoon’s European Vacation – Classic!

5. City Of God- Shows the everyday struggle of living in the slums of Rio. Amazing beaches set with the contrast of drug violence – you can’t take your eyes off the screen!

6. Lost In Translation – One of Sophia Coppola’s best movies. You feel for Murray feeling just as lost getting thrown into modern-day Japan.

7. Home Alone – Two words: Booby Traps.

8. Wet Hot American Summer – A hilarious indie film with young Amy Poehler!

9. Dreamers – A stunning and disturbing art-house movie.

10. Motorcycle Diaries – Best friends on a road trip riding an old motorcycle – recipe for awesome!