In Honor Of Spring: Our Top 10 Gelato (All Made In-House With Local Ingredients!)


1.) Choco Banana

2.) Hazelnut Caramel

3.) Sweet/Sugar Corn

4.) Dark Chocolate And Ginger

5.) Mango And Cilantro (Seasonal)

6.) Classic Vanilla, Lemon And Mint

7.) Soursop [Guanabana (Seasonal)]

8.) Mammy Apple [Sapote (Seasonal)]

9.) Custard Apple [Annona (Seasonal)]

10.) Craboo [Nance Cherries (Seasonal)]

Soursop (Guanabana)

Green, prickly skin with soft, fleshy white interior and lots of black seeds. Perfect when scooped out of the skin, served cold with milk and sugar; not overly sweet, but has a distinct flavor.

Belize Exotic Fruits, Seeds

Custard Apple (Annona)

Size and shape is like an over-sided apple. Skin is a mottled pinkish-red and the actual fruit is whitish-pink with small seeds; sweet, distinct flavor.

Belize Exotic Fruits, Seeds

Craboo (Nance Cherry)

Small, bright yellow, berry-like fruit with a hard seed inside; sweet when ripe.

Belize Exotic Fruits, Seeds

Mammy Apple (Sapote)

Hard, brown outer shell while interior is burnt-orange, smooth and sweet; has a large black seed.

Belize Exotic Fruits, Seeds