Get Revved Up To Explore Belize With Ka’ana And Our Top 10 Adventure Movies!


Indiana Jones (2008)

1.) One can argue which Jones movie was the best, but he’s hands down the coolest professor/treasure hunter to ever sport a leather jacket.

King Kong (1933)

2.) A unique tale of a ginormous monkey as a transplant New Yorker. This classic never gets old.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

3.) Female version of Indiana Jones – beauty and brains, Angelina Jolie takes us to exotic places and takes down the bad guys all by herself.

Robin Hood: Men In Tights (1993)

4.) A hilarious spoof of the original story of a band of merry men.

The Terminator (1984)

5.) Nuclear holocaust future and a cyborg sent from the future on a deadly mission.

The Lord Of The Rings (2001)

6.) Definitely worth geeking out to the entire trilogy.

The Princess Bride (1987)

7.) This is a perfect Date Night movie; it has something for everyone: romance, sword play, giants (Andre The Giant R.I.P.), Princess named Buttercup and quest for true love.

Up (2009)

8.) 78-year-old ties thousands of balloons to his house to visit the beautiful landscapes of South America. Pixar never lets us down.

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981)

9.) Post apocalyptic times with supped up cars, weapons and a serious wardrobe; definitely inspired a Beyonce video.

Star Wars (1977)

10.) A George Lucas classic. We want an ewok!