When Packing For Ka’ana, Don’t Forget Your Essentials.


1. iPad – To brag – err, post about all your adventures.
2. Sunglasses – When you’re having champagne on top of a Maya ruin, it’s best to have some spectacles.
3. Swimwear – If you come across a secluded waterfall or just hanging in your private plunge pool.
4. Travel Journal – For all the dear diary moments.
5. Evian Face Spray – So we can stay so fresh and so clean.
6. Sunscreen – Jungle sun is so strong.
7. Literature – When you’re down-timing in a Casita.
8. Insect Repellent – Because we all know how annoying itchy bites are.
9. Comfortable Shoes – Let’s be real, exploring the rainforest isn’t the best in Louboutin’s.
10. Sunhat – Best accessory.