Our Top 10 Fave iPad/iPhone Adventure Apps…


1. SLH iPhone App – Whether you’re looking for holiday inspiration or ready to book your next stay, the Small Luxury Hotels of the World app puts luxury at your fingertips.

2. The Night Sky iPad/iPhone App – Navigate the stars from anywhere with this handy app.

3. Google Translate iPhone App – Communication is key when traveling, so a translator is important!

4. Next Flight iPhone App – If you’ve missed a flight or wanted to see if you can catch an earlier one, then this application is for you.

5. Motion X GPS iPad/iPhone App – This app offers attractive topographical maps that can be downloaded ahead of time so you’re not reliant on spotty or nonexistent 3G coverage in the boonies.

6. Hear Planet iPhone App – Turn your iPhone into an Audio Guide to the World. Everything on the planet is an exhibit that you can hear about no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

7. GPS Trip Journal iPhone App – Capture photos and take notes tied to way points to create a rich, Indiana Jones-style journal of your adventures. This app is great for remembering details for your next trip, organizing tips to share with fellow trekkers, or just reliving your favorite trips.

8. Elevation Pro iPhone App – Tap anywhere on the map or satellite view to get an instant readout of its elevation, based on the internal GPS or USGS surveying. We found it useful for determining which trail to take, or just for our own personal edification.

9. Sunrise iPhone App – Determine the exact time of sunrise, sunset and twilight after and before each based on your precise geographical location.

10. US Army Survival Guide iPad/iPhone App – Deal with anything nature throws at you, army-style, with this thorough survival reference. Chapters on food – and water-finding skills – firecraft and join appendices on plant and animal identification to cover just about any situation you might run into.