Out Top 10 Favorite Travel Blogs


Learn about our favorite travel blogs and some of Ka’ana’s press!

1. Lookbooks 

We love Lookbooks for all of their great posts on architecture, fashion and design. This blog is always ahead of the curve!

2. eTravel Blackboard

eTravel Blackboard is a great source of information for the traveller in the know. From destination dining to featured attractions in all parts of the world, look no further then this blog!

3. Hospitality Design

We love this blog for its up to the date info on the hottest restaurants, hotels and bars from New York City to Belize. To learn about the amazing interiors of your favorite spaces, visit this blog!

4. Agenda from Tablet Hotels

For your daily dose of design, culture and travel inspiration visit Tablet Hotel’s blog. Learn about the brand’s favorite spots around the world and learn exclusive behind the scenes information straight from the source!

5. Choosy Nomad

To learn about personal advice on where to go, what to see, where to eat, and where to stay visit David’s blog, Choosy Nomad!

6. Designtripper

We love Designtripper because this blog combines two of our favorite things: travel and interior design! To learn about the coolest  interiors around the world, visit Meghan’s blog!

7. Wanderlustful Writing

Pamela Jacobs is a self described travelholic and consummate globetrotter. We love to read her take on traveling around the world!

8. The Life of Luxury

Life of Luxury acts as your own person concierge service. Visit this blog to learn about the best in luxury living – from shopping and real estate to travel and dining.

9. Desire to Inspire

This blog truly inspires us with its great design images and posts. Check inside some of the world’s most beautiful homes and hotels!

10. Live Fast Mag

This is one of the coolest new digital magazines specializing in design, culture, fashion and travel. Read exclusive interviews, watch the hottest new videos and and learn about the best restaurants that we are dying to try!

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