Fourth of July Jerk Chicken Recipe


Ring in this Fourth of July with Ka’ana’s tasty jerk chicken recipe. Our head chef, Polo, shares his recipe with us and all of you to enjoy at today’s independence day barbecue!


1 Oz. Oil

1 Oz. Yogurt

2 Oz. Carrots

2 Oz. Pumpkin

.25 Oz. Parsley

5 Leaves Spinach

1 Oz. Cubed Onion

.5 Oz. Curry Powder

3 Oz. Coconut (Milk)

.5 Oz. Jerk Seasoning

6 Oz. Chicken (Breast)

Cumin, Nutmeg, Pepper and Salt (Taste)


Season breast – both sides – with Jerk Seasoning and grill 10 minutes. Cube Carrots, Onion and Pumpkin – season with Curry, Pepper and Salt; stew in milk (Coconut). Sauté Spinach and season with Nutmeg mixed with Cumin and Yogurt (Plain). Garnish with Chopped Parsley and Cilantro Oil.