Gadget We Love: BeoPlay V1


Bang & Olufsen’s BeoPlay V1 TV is both modern and innovative. We love the minimalist design of the product and suggest you record some awesome videos of your adventurous vacation at Ka’ana to later share with friends and family on this TV. Read on to learn more!

BeoPlay V1 is built to display content from several devices, and even has room so you can hide away your Apple TV inside the connection panel on the back. And of course you will be able to control everything from your B&O PLAY remote control. You can control a vast number of external devices: DVD, Blu-ray players, Set-top Boxes, NAS drives and Apple TV.

The BeoPlay V1 adaptive contrast uses a built-in light sensor and an advanced piece of software that will adjust not only the brightness, but the colours and image quality of your TV according to the surrounding light. In this way your eyes will not get tired of watching.

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