DIY? Our favorite things to make in house!


Here at Ka’ana, we love to promote an eco-conscious lifestyle and we encourage you to get inspired to follow suite. Learn about the 8 wonderful products we create in-house using our organic garden and other locally sourced vendors to encourage sustainable living!

1. Interiors, decor and frames

(Examples: our aged metal villa doors, dual mahogany loungers)

2. Pickling

(Examples: watermelon, tomatoes, celery, garlic)

3. Jams

(Examples: guava mango, onion, papaya)

4. Scents

(Examples: basil mint, lavender)

5. Infusions

(Examples: mango vodka, lemon basil)

6. Tea

(Example: cinnamon honey, basil lemon)

7. Gelato

(Example: local fruits!)

8. Green Juice

(All from our garden!)