It’s All About The Details!


An important etho at Ka’ana is to be eco-conscious. This, of course, finds it’s way into our design aesthetic. Typically, we like to recycle objects in new ways and use the what we have on the grounds as much as possible (Have you seen our Organic Garden?) We are big on details; they make all the difference, right? See more below or read more about our Accommodations.

1. Fresh flowers in every room picked from the grounds.

2. Palmetto sticks are used throughout the resort, providing great texture and color.

3. Antique explorer objects: compasses, telescopes (Some found nearby!) and others from our owners’ collection to evoke a sense of adventures past.

4. Bamboo, cut and joined together, used for headboards and lamp fixtures.

5. Refurbished wood frames of villa door.

6. Antiqued custom-made metal doors for our Private Villas.

7. Hammocks.

8. Antique Spanish books.

9. Ikat – Typical Central American patterned Fabrics.

10. Outdoor Showers!