Thinking of your next getaway? Here’s your Fantasy Itinerary!


We can’t believe it’s November! Fast forward through the turkey drawstring pants, cranberry hiccups and office parties… Where do you want to go to deal with your post season’s holidays? Don’t worry, we’re here to give you some ideas.

You walk into your private Pool Villa.

You lounge around your fancy digs.

You, of course, have a cocktail.

You have breakfast at La Ceiba to get you ready for today’s adventure. Shown here, our layered tortillas!

You swim into a cave opening, it’s dark and you’re drenched. You explore ATM Cave and and follow the trail of the old Maya civilization, may even spot some human remains. It was scary, but now you feel accomplished! (Read More)

You’re back at Ka’ana and stop by Frieze Lounge for some victory cocktails!

You’re back in your villa taking in some sun and dipping in the pool.

Back to La Ceiba for dinner! Shown here is our popular Res Snapper on Cedar Plank.

You stop by the Organic garden to see where the ingredients came from.

You have that fourth – err second drink.

You’re in bed feeling great. You can’t wait for what the next day will bring and are wondering if these are 1000 count sheets. (Yes, they are.)