Birds of Belize: King Vulture reigns Supreme!


King Vulture  (Sarcoramphus papa)

Called the “King”, either because of his Royal coloring or demeanor, this magnificent bird is one of the four species of vultures that call Belize home.  Known to locals as “King Jan-Kro” or “King John Crow”, he is the largest vulture, hence all other birds make way for him once he lands.

He has an extremely thick and strong bill, well adapted for tearing, and the long, thick claws for holding the meat. A scavenger by nature, his keen eyesight and sense of smell allows him to locate potential food sources (carrion) easily as he scours over the savannas and forested lowlands he normally inhabits.

Although on the decline due to habitat destruction in the Central American Region, Belize still has large healthy populations. Go bird-watching with us, perhaps you just might spot one!