Tick-Tock! Top ten things to do before the end of the World


Today marks exactly one month before the predicted “End of the World”- at least according to the Maya Calendar- and we want you to end it with a bang (That is if it really ends, anyway!) Here’s our list of suggestions of the most memorable things you can do here in Belize!

1.  Skydive in the most amazing spot in Belize!

     2. Explore the wonders of Belize’s  Barrier Reef!

     3.  Swim with Whale Sharks.

4.   Zip through the jungle on the longest Zip line in Belize

5.  Face your Fears! Go Jaguar trekking through the Belize Jungles

6.  Tie the knot (On a Rock!) What better place to start eternity with your Sweetie?

7. Have Champagne with loved ones in the place where it all started.

8.       Have the best meal of your Life! (In style too, might we add!)

9.  Party like It’s (really) the End of the World!

10.       Yoga on a Maya Ruin and reflect on Life.