What we saw on our last Helicopter Ride – An Amazing Bird’s Eye View!


We took a helicopter ride this weekend overseeing the natural beauty of Belize. This unique adventure took us over the Maya Mountains, which practically covers the lower half of Belize. This trip can be taken from Belize airport straight to Ka’ana’s own on site helipad.

It comprises of the Blue Hole National Park (665 ac.), (not to be confused with the “Blue Hole” atoll in the Barrier Reef), the Chiquibul National Park (265,262 acres) and Caracol, the Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Reserve (96,000 acres), the Five Blues Lake National Park (4,060 ac.), the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and the Colombia Forest Reserve.

Next up, our eyes were glued to a stunning waterfall somewhat hidden in a crescent of a large mountain. This is actually the largest waterfall in Belize and in Central America; called 1000 ft Falls. This has recently been proclaimed a National Monument and has been opened to the public. Even though the name suggest otherwise, this waterfall is closer to 1,600 feet. This isn’t the only waterfall- there’s many around this area.

After viewing all these amazing waterfalls, we then flew over Caves Branch where we were able to see the beauty of the river as it flows through the cave system. This area encompasses 58,000 acres that are situated beneath a 100 ft rainforest canopy and is bordered by turquoise waters of Caves Branch River.


We then flew across the Sibun Forest Reserve and finally the Southern and Northern Lagoons as we headed for our final landing on the helipad at Ka’ana Resort with these unforgettable images forever imprinted in our heads.