Staff Interview – Oscar’s Lowdown on Ka’ana’s New Menu….


1. What’s your favorite item on the menu and why?
The Orange-Walk inspired Pork chops has got to be my favorite because its thick and so juicy and tender. Its braised in molasses and served with mashed sweet potatoes which i really like. Oh my gosh, its sooo…good! (smacks lips)

2. Is there a cocktail you can’t live without?
Actually, there is (all smiles). I love our Signature Citrus Ha’ab because its spicy and refreshing at the same time. Its made with lite rum and infused with either oranges, grapefruit or tangerines and topped off with pineapple – a must try for all visitors.

3. What do you love about Ka’ana and Belize?
I really like the way we all work together as a team – basically, the team experience. I love how everyone works toward the same goal. Starting with the gardeners, maintenance, housekeepers – everyone that works at Ka’ana- whether or not they interact with guest, they all know that they have an important part in making each of our guests have the best experience ever!

4. What’s a classic dish that someone always orders?
When asked, I like to recommend the Maya Dukunu platter that’s served with Mennonite sausage as well as the Garifuna Seafood Sere. I know that these are dishes that are made with only the freshest ingredients from our garden and also the catch of the day. But that’s not the only reason I recommend it, I love when our guests get to taste a truly Belizean dish.  Most people that I have recommended it to loved it and asked for it again.

5. What’s your favorite spot on the Estate?
Honestly, I love the Bar. Its such a cool and inviting place. You can have your drinks there, hang out with your sweetie or your buddies, listen to music, and simply chill.

6. What do you love most about your job?
I love interacting with people, meeting our guest and telling them a bit about our beautiful country. I love when they would take my recommendation for a certain dish or an activity and hearing their compliments after they’ve had a great experience – now that really makes me happy!