Ka’ana’s lovely ladies tell all…


Carlota, Candy and Mirsa are our most pleasant (not to mention the loveliest) of our servers here at Ka’ana. I dodged them while they took a well-deserved break out by the fire deck. They were as always, happy to speak with me and definitely willing to pose for the camera

Do you have any specials you personally prefer from our menu?

Carlota: I love the glazed pork chops – the way these guys prepare it so juicy and tender makes your mouth water  – its really good!

Candy: I love lobster – when its in season I will definitely always have it and recommend it.

Mirsa: I definitely love the shrimp-chorizo wrap, when I eat here this has always been a favorite and I always recommend to guests as well.

What do you guys love most about your job here at Ka’ana and what inspires you?

Carlota: well to tell the truth, I honestly love the natural beauty of the place. I love going about my work and hearing the birds singing early in the morning, the trees and nature in general; knowing that guests are enjoying it.

Candy: I love interacting with guests. I love serving them new things and seeing them enjoy it and knowing that I contribute to their happiness.

Mirsa: I love seeing guests happy as well,showing them what I can about my country and helping them to get the best experience ever really makes me happy.