Make This at Home: Edward the Cucumber!


We’re pretty famous for our attention to detail in our handcrafted cocktails. We create unforgettable drinks by infusing local spirits with fresh flavors from our organic garden. But you don’t have to fly down to the Frieze Lounge tonight to enjoy a taste of Belize!

We asked our head mixologist to share the recipe for one of our house favorites, a refreshing cooler known as “Edward the Cucumber”!

Why is this delicious drink called “Edward the Cucumber”, you ask? It’s what came out of co-owner Colin’s mouth after tasting it for the first time! We all found it hilarious and the name just stuck.

Let us know what creative thoughts you have after tasting it!


3 slices of partly peeled cucumber

8-10 mint leaves

.5 oz culantro bitters (Note: this is not the same as cilantro!)

.5 oz fresh lime juice

.25 oz ginger extract

1.5 oz gin or vodka

Soda water


Add cucumber, mint, gin/vodka, culantro, lime juice and ginger extract to shaker and muddle. Add ice and shake 8-10 times. Strain into chilled martini glass and top with soda water. Don’t forget to garnish with a mint sprig!


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