A City of Echoes: The Mayan Ruins of Tikal


TIkal Mayan Ruins

Deep within the jungle sits the largest known city from the ancient Maya civilization: Tikal. The mighty “City of Echoes” is considered the greatest metropolis in the Maya Kingdom and will enchant you from the moment you first glimpse its magnificent towers scraping the sky.

Touring Tikal Mayan Ruins

Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you simply can’t miss this incredible Mayan site on your journey through Central America! It contains over 3,000 structures – pyramids, temples and palaces – all over a thousand years old and ready to be explored.

Tikal Mayan Ruins

Tikal is inside a national park that protects over 200 square miles of lush rainforest. Along with the rich vegetation, the park is home to monkeys, crocodiles, toucans, sloths, anteaters and tons of other wildlife. It’s a paradise for wilderness lovers!

Tikal National Park

The journey to Tikal takes you across the border from Belize into Guatemala. As you pass through the two border towns you’ll glimpse the stark differences in the two countries. Keep your eyes peeled! You may see wild pigs or exotic birds in flight, or maybe even Mayas dressed in traditional clothing and carrying water pots on their heads.

Tikal Maya Ruin Tour

The jewel of the Maya Classic era is only a short drive from Ka’ana Resort. Find out more about this incredible place and get the details on our private tours here. You won’t regret this fabulous day trip!

Tikal Maya Ruin Tour

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