10 Perfect Gifts for Travelers


Gift Guide for Travelers

Having trouble coming up with a perfect gift for your hard-to-please travel companion? Relax, we’ve got your back. Here are ten ideas sure to please even the most discerning globetrotter in your life, each tried by Ka’ana’s legion of expert jetsetters.

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

A bit obvious, but there isn’t a tech-obsessed traveler on Earth who wouldn’t love to find one of these under the tree! Even the most die-hard paperback lover can’t deny how useful this lightweight device is for travel. The original model is still a classic, but the Paperwhite’s brighter screen lets you read any time of day or night. A late-night reader’s best friend.

Platypus Bottle

Know someone who loves to pack light? Get them this uber-lightweight water bottle so they can stay hydrated whether they’re on the plane or running up a mountain. The Platybus bottles come in lots of sizes, from mini to enormous, and squish flat so they’re no wider than a sheet of paper. Perfect for the active traveler, especially if they’re going on any of our adventures!

Travel Yoga Mat

Yoga Maya Ruins

Have a friend who’s never without their yoga bag? Make sure they’re geared up even when they’re on the go! At Ka’ana we make sure there’s a fresh yoga mat for each guest upon arrival, but you can’t rely on all resorts to be so thoughtful. Best to be prepared with a travel yoga mat. Lightweight but sticky, these are perfect for the yogi on the move.

Packable Tote Bag

For the shopaholic who never saw a market they didn’t like. A packable tote bag can slip inside a purse or daypack, ready for the moment a “gotta have it!” souvenir presents itself. Lightweight and small, these bags can actually hold quite a large haul from the local fruit market… or the jewelry store.


GoPro for travelers

For the “Go big or go home” gift-giver, this is the ultimate present for the cinematic globetrotter in your life. It can easily attach to a surfboard, helmet, bike, Jeep, or anything else you can think of to capture high-quality images of all their adventures. With easy ways to edit footage into shareable stories, a GoPro is sure to make them the most popular traveler on Facebook.

Waterproof iPhone Case

Know someone who’s a bit clumsy around the pool? Help them protect their most precious possession with a waterproof iPhone case that’s also drop-proof, crush-proof, and practically life-proof. They’ll thank you for it later!

Pre-labeled Packing Bags

Gift Guide for travelers: Pack Bags

Got a friend who can never remember where they packed their socks? Help remind them with this clever gift of pack bags that will keep their clean clothes separate from their dirty shoes or wet swimsuit, all while traveling in style.

Universal Plug Adapter

Well, almost universal. Good in 150 countries, this 4-in-1 plug adapter is perfect for that adventurer who never sits still. It’s color-coded and comes with a map so all you have to do to figure out which plug to use is figure out where you are on the planet. Shouldn’t be too hard, even for this passport king, should it?

Priority Pass Membership

Gift Guide for Travelers

Whether for business or pleasure, this gift is perfect for the person who practically lives in airports. Allowing access to over 600 airport lounges around the world, your friend will travel in style no matter what airline they fly or what class their ticket. A high-class gift for a high-class friend.

Noise Canceling Headphones

The gift that speaks for itself, but only if you want to hear it. Whether they’re over-ear or small earbuds, noise canceling headphones are the greatest gift for any voyager tired of crying babies, endless announcements and their neighbor’s loud snoring. If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll return the favor next year!

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