Why You Should Get to Belize This Winter


Ka'ana Resort Belize Private Villa

Craving an escape from the snow and the cold? Sometimes known as the land of perpetual summer, Belize is the place be in winter! Need more convincing? Here’s some of the best reasons for you to book a flight today…

1. It’s always sunny.

And if it’s not sunny, it soon will be. It’s almost impossible to leave Belize without a tan!

2. Belize is good for your health.

You can find a wide array of deliciously colorful tropical fruits year-round. The best part? Here at Ka’ana they’re grown organically in our very own onsite garden.

3. You can speak English everywhere.

No need to learn a new language in a hurry! Although Spanish is widely spoken, as well as the local Creole dialect, English is the official language here in Belize. All official documents, street signs, menus, newspapers, radio and television stations are in English. Most Belizeans are bilingual (and many trilingual), so if you’d like to expand your language skills you’re more than welcome to join us for a cross-cultural conversation over a Belikin beer!

4. Cool times in the jungle.

At this time of year the hot jungle temperatures have cooled down a bit, allowing you to explore the forest, spot wildlife or climb ancient Mayan ruins in greater comfort.

5. Mother Nature is always in bloom.

And Ka’ana is no exception. Some of Belize’s most beautiful flowers are only in their full splendor during winter.

6. Last but not least – you can have your cake and eat it too!

Why settle for jungle when you can also have beach? Ka’ana’s special Sand and Stone package allows you to have the best of both worlds  – all in one vacation!

Need more convincing? Give us a call and we can give you a few more!