A Uniquely Belizean Welcome


Ka’ana boasts the largest wine cellar in Western Belize

Your long-awaited Belize Vacation is finally here! You’ve been looking forward to this vacation for what feels like a lifetime and you’ve read all you can about Belize and the amazing adventures you’ll have here, but nothing prepares you for the real thing. You step out the car at Ka’ana and you’re almost overwhelmed – what should you do next?!

Just relax! After all, that’s what you’re here for, and we’ve got you covered! The manager greets you upon arrival and immediately shows you to your room to let you get settled in. Later in the evening, she arranges your orientation in Ka’ana’s 2,000-bottle wine cellar where you will be prepped for your adventures during your stay.

Enjoying Nance Liqueur at Ka'ana Boutique Resort, Belize

One of the highlights of the orientation is your introduction to a liqueur so uniquely Belizean that it whets your appetite to see what our beautiful country has in store for you.

The creation of the Nance liqueur is a tradition that has been handed down over generations and perfected for your enjoyment. It’s made from the craboo fruit that grows exclusively in this region of Central America.

A favorite fruit of children and adults alike, it’s eaten fresh, sometimes with sweetened condensed milk, or made in to gelatos, preserves, and of course our favorite – the liqueur!

The craboo fruit is used to create one of our favorite Belizean drinks, Nance liqueur.

This beloved tiny fruit, with it’s tart flavor and pungent scent, only bears once per year. Older Belizeans will tell you stories of how they would try to prolong the enjoyment of it in their childhood days. The fruit would be gathered by the bucketful and soaked in barrels along with plenty of sugar to create desserts, wines and other goodies.

Ka’ana Resort boasts the largest wine cellar in Western Belize.

Sharing this drink (and our stories that go with it!) with you during your orientation is one of our favorite parts of the guests’ stay! There’s nothing like swapping travel tales to really make you feel like our home is your home. Cheers!

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