Get Your Adventure On in Belize’s Crystal Caves


Caving in Belize

A heart-pumping climb followed by a 600-foot descent into darkness. That’s how you begin your journey into one of Cayo’s most thrilling sights. For lovers of high-octane adventures, the Crystal Caves are a must do on any trip to Belize. Lace up your hiking shoes, this is gonna be a wild ride!

Entrance to the Crystal Cave, Cayo, Belize

Due to the difficult nature of the descent, anyone entering the caves must be accompanied by a guide. Spelunking is not for the faint of heart! But if you’re up for it, this is sure to be the highlight of your trip.

After an exhilarating 60-minute hike through the jungle, you’ll begin your descent. Pick your way along sheer rock faces and slide down mud ramps as you explore deep into this intricate system. The caves only opened to visitors five years ago, and it’s already being called the “experience of a lifetime” by those lucky enough to have found it.

Crystal Cave Adventure Tour Belize

Watch your step around the incredible crystal stalagmites rising from the floor. Don’t forget to stop and admire the stalactites clinging to the ceiling above and keep your eyes peeled for ancient Mayan artifacts!

The beautiful Crystal Caves, Cayo, Belize

Be ready to crawl, scramble, squeeze and shimmy to reach the best viewpoints. When you finally enter the cathedral sections of the cave, we know you’ll agree: these formations are truly mind-blowing. There’s a reason this place has been nicknamed “wonderland.”

Ready for the challenge? Come see it for yourself! Get all the details on the tour, including prices and what’s included, right here.

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