Pack for a Sweet Purpose with Ka’ana


“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”  – Mother Theresa

Co. Van - Clothing Donation..

When the Ka’ana company van shows up at Succotz Primary School, the kids know they’re in for a treat! Carrying plenty of gifts for the children, the smiling faces pop up to greet us from every window and door (as long as they’re not in class, of course!). And our hearts swell with joy knowing we make a difference, however small, in the daily lives of these little ones.

It’s an amazing experience, but we don’t keep it all to ourselves! We invite each and every Ka’ana guest to help us contribute to improving our local school and the lives of its students through our Pack for a Purpose Program.

Ka'ana Resort: Pack for a Purpose Program

But first, let’s back up and tell you how we got involved with the school in the first place. To start with, it’s located just 10 minutes from our resort in the Maya village of Succotz, where guests can take the ferry across the river to see the ancient city of Xunantunich. So we see the kids a lot.

In 2011, some members of our staff decided that as part of our giving-back initiatives, they would do something nice for the children of Succotz Primary School. After visiting the school and seeing the poor conditions of the restroom facilities for the pre-schoolers, we decided a reconstruction project would be the first of many improvements we’d be making in the school.

Ka'ana Resort: Pack for a Purpose program

The school has since become very dear to us, and when some guests heard about what the staff were doing they wanted to help out, too! When guests returned home, many of them sent down much-needed supplies for the school that many parents simply cannot afford to purchase. And so our pet project had taken off!

Ka'ana Resort: Pack for a Purpose program

Over the years we’ve joined Pack for a Purpose and, with the help of our guests and friends of the school, we’ve launched new initiatives like another bathroom for the older kids, an organic garden to promote sustainability and nutrition, and a sports program. The kids have even claimed the title of regional softball champions! (We’re so proud of them!)

Ka'ana Adopt-A-School Program

The little school is developing and improving in many ways, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. If you’d like to help support our cause, you can sweeten your vacation by sipping on a delicious Succotz Cocktail, named in their honor, which donates US$1 for every drink you purchase. Or you can join our Adopt-a-School program and sponsor a child’s tuition for an entire year with only US$18. And of course you can work with us through Pack for a Purpose to see how that extra space in your luggage can make difference in the life of a child.

Ka'ana Resort: Pack for a Purpose program

Feel free to contact us if you’d like an update on what supplies the school requires – we’re happy to work with the staff to be sure you bring exactly what the kids need! Whether it’s a pack of pencils, crayons, simple first aid supplies like Band-Aids or antiseptic ointment, or even some used soccer equipment that can fit in your luggage, everything will be greatly appreciated! And, best of all, you’ve enriched your vacation, which now automatically becomes one of the sweetest journeys you’ll ever make!