Get Ready for Summer in Belize!


The days are getting warmer and longer and this can only mean one thing… summer! Your long awaited vacation is just around the corner! Here’s a few amazing reasons to book your jungle vacation to Belize this summer:

Exploring Tikal with Ka'ana Resort, Belize

It’s Less Crowded

The summer months are considered the low tourist season in Belize. That means that you are almost guaranteed to get the best rates available throughout the year. It also means less crowds at every sight and attraction, and you might find that you get a deeper, truer sense of appreciation for the places you visit.

Ziplining in the jungle with Ka'ana Resort, Belize

Keep Cool in the Jungle

Did you know that over 36% of our country is composed of untouched, protected territory?  While Belize is known for its warm climate, superb snorkeling and diving, and as spectacular beach destination, many people are now stepping off that beaten path and opting for the adventures (and much cooler climate) that the Belize jungle canopy offers. 

Jungle Waterfall Tour in Belize

Endless Adventure

Belize has something for everyone; from eco-tourists looking for adventure, to couples desiring a romantic getaway and families seeking fun-filled days. Trek into the ancient Maya world to explore ancient caves and artefacts, discover temples hidden deep in the jungle, or swim and relax with your loved ones in the refreshing waters of Big Rock Falls – we’ll bring the picnic!

Exploring ATM Cave with Ka'ana Resort, Belize

With its incredible, unspoiled beauty, Belize is a destination designed for discovery. Here at Ka’ana we love it when our guests are happy, so if you find yourself craving a beach fix, we’ve got you covered, there, too! We’ll fly you out to the islands for an entire day of snorkeling, fishing and a beach picnic and have you back at the resort by day’s end . 

Snorkeling with Ka'ana Resort, Belize

Whatever you choose to do this summer with us here at Ka’ana, we hope we can make your summer as amazing and unforgettable as you expect it to be. Get in touch with us today to plan your perfect getaway in beautiful Belize!