All About the Details at Ka’ana


It’s the big things about a trip that make up the stories you tell for a lifetime: the epic caving adventure, the luxury camping experience, or the incredible private villa you stayed in. Those are the forever stories. But at Ka’ana we don’t just focus on the large experiences.

We believe every adventure starts with the little details. Throughout your stay with us, there’s an entire orchestra of personalized small touches that work together to create an ideal vacation for you and your loved ones.

A Bright Welcome

Bright Flowers at Ka'ana Belize

As soon as you walk into your room, you’ll notice the beautiful flowers adorning each little corner and welcoming you to Belize. It’s our way of bringing the beauty of Belize’s outdoor spaces to your indoor sanctuary. We know you came to Belize to enjoy nature’s most radiant colors, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t brighten up every bit of Ka’ana.

A Personalized Highlight Reel

The Archaeologist at Ka'ana

What’s the weather going to be like for our canoeing trip tomorrow? What adventure would the kids love? What should I do about this sunburn? Every room at Ka’ana gets the Archeologist on their desk so they can find out!

This daily digest will give you some great ideas for your stay with us, as well as fun facts about Belize and information about the resort. We want to make sure you don’t miss a thing during your stay!

A Choice Art Selection

Hand-selected art at Ka'ana

Our collection of masks, carvings, maps and paintings has been hand-selected from artists around Belize and the world, and it rotates often! If you’re here for a longer stay you may notice that the art in your room changes throughout your time at Ka’ana. We like to make sure our guests are stimulated in every way, through our bespoke adventures, our gourmet food and even our ever-changing art.

A Hand-Crafted Refresher

Hand-crafted cocktail by the pool

Each of our unique cocktails come with a special Ka’ana twist. The Mango Habanero Margarita is perfect for chilling by the pool, or try our famous Sweet Corn Colada for an afternoon pick-me-up! Our mixologists make sure each drink highlights the special flavors of Belize.

We also invite you to pop over to the bar and have a chat with one of our genius craftsmen. Tell them what you’re looking for and they’ll create something new just for you!

A Goodnight Treat

Nighttime Treats at Ka'ana

Everyone loves a midnight snack, and we really love surprising our guests, so each night of your stay you’ll find a little treat hidden in the fridge. And the best part? It’s customized just for you!

Did you just arrive? Perhaps you’ll find a decadent coconut macaroon waiting for you. Recovering from an intense day of hiking or caving? Maybe a homemade granola bar will be ready to help you recharge!

Welcome note at Ka'ana Resort

While we certainly believe in the wow factor of our larger-than-life adventures, our gorgeous pools and the dishes that come out of our organic kitchen, it’s the symphony of little details that make a stay at Ka’ana so special.

Interested in booking a stay? Talk to us today to plan your dream adventure in Belize!