Meet Our New General Managers!


If you’ve visited Ka’ana over the past month, you’ve probably been met by this cheery trio! They have just been appointed as the new General Managers of Ka’ana – yes that’s right all three of them!

The owners, managers and staff are absolutely thrilled to welcome Jock, Janine and Shatsy Henwood as the newest members of our team! They’ve been here just over a month, and have already made stunning impressions on every department with their efficient work ethic. They’re so busy that it was quite a task just catching up with one of them – much less both of them! – to conduct this interview.

Meet Ka'ana Resort's New General Managers

I already knew that they’d spent 8 years working on beautiful Cousine Island in the Seychelles, and have spent long stints in other beautiful places, so I wanted to know: What keeps you so attached to the places you’ve worked?

J&J: “We have a philosophy, treat the property as your own.  Over the years this has proved very successful for us in developing our own management style.  We believe that by making a property ‘your own’ you can better envision a plan for what’s needed and how to achieve it.  We’ve also found that each property has it’s own personality and when you embrace that personality you are in a better position to be successful in your position.”

Winding Path at Ka'ana Resort, Belize

I  knew it was their first time to Belize and wondered how we would compare!

Q: What drew you to Ka’ana and did you know about Belize before getting here?

J & J: “We had planned to visit Belize and Costa Rica for a vacation and we were doing some research on both destinations. When we were offered this position, we researched Ka’ana, and the reviews and video on the website really inspired us to be a part of this amazing place!”

Belize from the air with Ka'ana Resort

Q: What were your first impressions flying in, getting here & of the resort itself?

J&J: “We had so many feelings and thoughts traveling to Belize, arriving at the airport and driving to Ka’ana. We both love travelling and we’re passionate about nature. We were very excited to see the landscape and sites as we drove from Belize City to San Ignacio. The beauty and lush vegetation of Cayo district was intriguing and of course our driver, Darryl, was very informative. “

Hand-crafted cocktail by the pool at Ka'ana Resort

Q: Have you had a chance to sample our Belizean Cuisine and Ka’ana’s unique drinks? And do you have any favourites yet?

J&J: ”We have dined at some local restaurants and sampled the mouthwatering Mayan cooking at Ka’ana. We love everything on the Ka’ana menu but the Mayan Dukuna and the Tamales are our favourites! Our chefs even make a vegetarian version for Janine! Also, Ka’ana has an impressive cocktail and wine list, Jock enjoys the Belikin beers while Janine favours the Mango Habanero Margarita.”

The lovely staff at Ka'ana Resort, Belize

Q: What do you think of think of the people so far? Is the culture somewhat of a shock or is the tourism industry similar to other places you’ve worked before?

J&J: ”The people of Belize are one of the nicest nations we have worked with. They are kind and warm and the staff at Ka’ana welcomed us to their family from day one! They have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome and I think it is a pretty good example of the culture in general.”

Gourmet dinners at Ka'ana Resort, Belize

Q: Can you compare the Ka’ana cuisine to other international destinations?

J&J: ”The menu at Ka’ana offers something for everyone. From signature dishes to old time favourites. Each more mouthwatering than the next. Having lived closed to the ocean for the past 15 years, it’s certainly a different – but nonetheless amazing – experience to be working and living in the jungle!”

Adventure to Xunantunich with Ka'ana Resort, Belize

Q:  Have you had a chance to visit anywhere else in Belize yet?

J&J: Having arrived in Belize just over 4 weeks ago, our schedules have been packed with learning all there is to know about Ka’ana! We’ve visited some of the historical and archeological sites, and we must say our love for the country and it’s people – and of course the food! – has grown. We simply cannot wait to explore more of Belize!”

If you’re planning a trip to Ka’ana soon, be sure to stop and ask this lovely trio about their latest Belizean adventures! And be sure to contact us today to see what adventures we can have ready for you when you arrive!