Finding the Perfect Summer Travel Hat


Whether you’re lounging by the infinity pool or hiking through the jungle, make sure you’re covered up stylishly this summer! We’ve compiled a list of the must-have hats to pack in your suitcase to keep your skin unburnt and your Instagram photos looking fresh!

A Wide Brimmed Beauty

Wide Brim Sun Hat

Stylish, sophisticated and sun-blocking. A wide brim will not only keep the sun off your face, it’ll keep you looking (and feeling!) cool no matter where the day takes you! Go for at least a 5 or 6-inch brim to be sure you get the most coverage. For inspiration, check out Sunday Afternoon’s Milan Hat, the SmartStraw Monaco Sun Hat, or the Nicole Floppy Hat from Laundry by Shelli Segal.

Packable and Shapely

Packable sun hats

It’s not always easy to wear that wide brim on the plane, but you also can’t smush it in your suitcase, can you? With a packable hat, of course you can! These hats are specially made to take a beating in baggage claim and pop right back into shape. With easily-shapeable brims and crush-proof materials, you’ll look great at the post-flight cocktail bar. Check out Sunday Afternoon’s lovely Aruba Hat, REI’s cute natural look, Coolibar’s chic Ribbon Hat, or Helen Kaminski’s beautiful Cebu and never look disheveled again.

Adventure-Ready Style

Hiking Sun Hat

Heading out for a hike? Choose a hat will help keep you cool on a long trek and won’t get in your way as you ford a river, scramble up Mayan ruins, or hop on rocks by a waterfall. Check out the Beach Day Cowboy Hat from Coolibar, the Laurel Canyon Fedora, or Sunday Afternoon’s adorable Venice Hat and you’ll be ready to explore!

A Little Extra Protection

UPF sun hats

Choose a hat with UPF protection to keep you extra sun-safe. Hats with a rating of UPF 50+ are made from fabrics that block 97.5% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, giving you that extra layer of protection and allowing you to get on with your adventure without worrying about your skin. But protection doesn’t have to look frumpy! Check out Wallaroo’s Morgan Hat, Coolibar’s Marina Sun Hat, or Sunday Afternoon’s Cayman Hat for some stylish inspiration.

What are your favorite sun hats this year? Let us know in the comments!