A Beach Day During Your Jungle Stay


Here at Ka’ana, we really love to spoil our guests. So for those water lovers who want to see and do it all – we’ll make it happen for you! Couldn’t make up your mind whether you wanted to do beach or jungle during you stay in Belize? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We believe you can have your cake and eat it too!

Snorkeling adventure in Belize

Capture a complete and unforgettable Belize experience, as you get the best of both worlds – all in one day!

Choose a day during your stay at Ka’ana and we’ll fly you out over the picture-perfect expanse of Belize’s rainforests, winding rivers and lagoons until we meet the turquoise waters of Ambergris Caye.

Snorkeling adventure with Ka'ana

You’ll spend the entire day basking in the Belizean sunshine and perfect azure waters – swimming, fishing, and discovering all the amazing underwater wonders Belize has to offer! Not to mention all the spectacular marine creatures you’ll encounter as you snorkel the second largest barrier reef in the world!

Snorkeling Belize Barrier Reef

The diversity of Hol Chan Marine Reserve allows you to get up close and personal with an impressive eco-system that will take your breath away. Wonder at amazing coral formations, schools of colorful fish of every size, Moray eels, turtles and other organisms all living together in this beautiful protected haven. 

Shark Ray Alley, Belize

After snorkeling this area, you’ll move on to another region just a few minutes away called Shark Ray Alley. Grab your water cameras and jump right in! (Seriously, it’s fine!)

These gentle creatures have a great tolerance for divers and seem to enjoy and look forward to human interaction. Nurse Sharks averaging four to six feet in length will swim right up to your boat! Go ahead, pet them gently or feed them the small fish provided. The rays, which have a wing-span of two to four feet, swim directly toward you, inviting you to reach out and stroke their wings.  This encounter with nature is a truly unforgettable adventure.

Fishing in Belize with Ka'ana Resort

The boat captain will then take you to his favorite fishing spot where you’ll help to catch the fish that your crew will expertly prepare for lunch. Talk about the catch of the day!

After lunch, simply relax and swim or sunbathe at your leisure on a private beach before heading back. 

Maya mountains of Belize

At the end of the day, you’ll fly back over the jungle landscape and to your own little piece of paradise at Ka’ana. You’ll marvel at all you saw and did in only one day and relive it all through the beautiful images you captured.  You swam, snorkeled and saw a whole new world full of creatures that surpassed all your expectations…kicking back, we bet you’ll decide that it was the most fantastic day ever!

Click here for more info on our Beach Day, Jungle Stay adventure. If you’re craving something a little different, get in touch with us & we’ll help you plan the trip of a lifetime!