Five Perfect Moments at Ka’ana


At Ka’ana we wow our guests with gorgeous grounds, delicious food, amazing private pool villas, and mind-blowing adventures. But it’s not only these epic experiences that make a stay at Ka’ana special! The small moments are just as memorable, and probably the most important part of a stay in our resort.

These small, perfect moments are what truly make a Ka’ana escape so extraordinary.

A drink by the pool.

Drink by the pool

As you lounge poolside, you’ll probably see one of our staff members walking towards you with a glint in their eye. They know you have yet to sample our famous mango habanero margarita! Or perhaps you could be tempted by another one of your favorite sweet corn coladas? Before you know it, you’ve got a drink in your hand (made with ingredients fresh from our organic garden!) without having to move from your perfect spot in the sun.

Fresh flowers at the spa after a day of adventure.

Color flowers of Belize

Your caving excursion this morning was exhilarating, and now it’s time to wind down with a relaxing massage at the Ka’ana spa. As you sip kombucha tea and get settled in, the fresh flowers on the table catch your eye. Their bright colors are scattered all over the grounds and are brought fresh daily into every room and onto every table. Just a small reminder of the beauty of jungle that surrounds you.

A sunset-streaked sky from your private spot.

Sunset at Ka'ana

Photo courtesy of Hecktic Travels

Whether it’s your private balcony, backyard or entire villa, make sure you get acquainted with the outdoor space adjacent to your room. Each night as the sun sets over the trees, you’ll be treated to a riot of orange, red and pink streaking across the sky. Take a moment to reflect on the amazing day you had – and maybe snap a few photos! – before heading over to the restaurant for a delightful dinner with your special someone.

New flavors of bread & butter each evening.


It’s a little thing, but after two nights at Ka’ana you’ll find yourself looking forward to what flavor of homemade butter will come with the delicious bread each evening! Every day our chefs whip up a new taste for you to sample. Will it be black pepper? Passionfruit? Chili-lime? There’s nothing like starting every dinner with a surprise!

S’mores by the fire.

Roasting marshmallows

When your waiter notices your sweet tooth, he may recommend something off-menu… and outdoors! He’ll whisk you outside to the fire deck where a plate of marshmallows, chocolate and crackers awaits. The grin on your face as he hands you a stick is all the thanks we need for bringing a taste of childhood joy to your evening!

And that’s how we end a perfect day at Ka’ana.

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