What Makes a Ka’ana Tour So Special? Everything!


You don’t have to look far to find adventure in Belize. Whether you want to explore an ancient cave system, hike to a hidden waterfall or climb a Mayan temple, there’s an expedition for everyone in our slice of heaven! And here at Ka’ana we’ve taken the “usual” tours and given them our special, personalized touch.

Ka'ana Private Tours

A Private, Tailored Experience

So what makes a Ka’ana tour so special? For starters, every tour we do is completely private and tailored to you and your loved ones. You won’t find any one-size-fits-all nonsense on our adventures! Everything about a Ka’ana tour is carefully crafted, hand-selected, and totally personal – starting before your expedition even begins!

The night before your adventure you’ll find a tailored itinerary in your room containing all the information you need to have an epic day: what time to be ready, what to expect on your tour, what to bring with you, and everything we’ll provide. You’ll also receive a satchel full of our special homemade trail mix made with granola, dried local fruit and delicious chocolate. Everything you need to get you pumped up for your big day!

Tour basket from Ka'ana Resort

Bonus: if you book three or more tours with Ka’ana, you’ll get a little something special with your itinerary… a personalized tour prep basket! Mason jars full of our signature trail mix, homemade granola bars, all-natural bug repellent and more created just for you.

Locally Sourced Experts

Our guides are the best of the best and probably know the region better than anyone else. Some of them have been guides for decades, just like their fathers before them. They can tell you stories of how the archaeologists found a particular temple because they were the one guiding them! Or maybe they’ll tell you their Maya grandmother’s stories about the cave you’re exploring. Since it’s just you and your guide venturing into the wilderness, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions about the sights, culture and heritage of our beautiful jungle.

Ka'ana Adventure Tours

Our wonderful guides make such an impression on our guests that it’s not unusual for people to regularly email our front desk staff and ask them to say hello to their favorite guide! These types of personal connections are what make the job so rewarding for our guides, and so special for our guests.

And if at any time you feel like changing up your itinerary, just let your guide know! Maybe you feel like having an early lunch? Or would like to stop and take pictures of the scenic river on your way home?  They’ll be more than happy to tailor the entire day to your needs.

Ka'ana Personalized Tours

Hand-Crafted Perfection

Besides our tasty trail mix, your day tours will come with a gourmet box lunch prepared just for you by our chefs. The night before your adventure, a member of our staff will ask you about your lunch preferences to be sure you love what we create. After a morning of hiking, climbing or tubing, you’ll be able to enjoy a hand-crafted meal that’ll keep you going until sunset!

And if there’s anything special you’d like to add to the tour, just let us know! We recently had a guest who wished to propose to his girlfriend at the top of one of our gorgeous Mayan ruins. Not only did the proposal go off without a hitch, but we helped make the moment even more special by having champagne brought up the the top to celebrate the happy couple!

Ka'ana Romance Tours

A Ka’ana tour is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A one-of-a-kind adventure that can’t be had anywhere else, and the memories will stay with you forever.

But you don’t have to take our word for it! Just check out our glowing TripAdvisor reviews from previous happy guests to get a glimpse of the magic that awaits you in Belize.

Ready to go on an adventure? Contact us today to begin booking your dream Belizean escape!