Check Out Maya Night Every Tuesday at Ka’ana


You’ve climbed the ruins and swam in the sacred caves, but your experience of the Mayan mystique at Ka’ana is incomplete without this final adventure. Every Tuesday night, just after sunset and tailor-made cocktails, Ka’ana invites all guests to feast with us at our brand-new Maya Night. 

Maya Night Buffet at Ka'ana Resort, Belize

What better way to understand a culture than to jump right in and help to prepare part of your own meal?! Take a few minutes and check out our own simulated Maya kitchen and fogon (cooking hearth).

Maya Cooking Class at Ka'ana Resort, Belize

Maya food is steeped in thousand-year-old history and tradition. Maya cooks still use ancient methods to prepare flavorful meals for their families… and for our guests! Gather round and learn how to cook like the locals with your fellow Ka’ana guests. It’s the perfect way to kick off Maya Night!

Maya Night Cooking Class at Ka'ana Resort, Belize

You’ll interact with the ladies from the nearby Maya village of Succotz (just 10 minutes down the road) as they help you shape and bake your own corn tortillas! You’ll see their expert hands move quickly to create their delicious staple while they tell you stories of their life growing up in their Mayan community, and how it has changed now.

Maya Night Cooking Class at Ka'ana Resort, Belize

And now it’s time to savor the incredible buffet spread out for you with timeless Maya dishes like cochinita pibil tacos (made with pork that’s been roasted underground), tamalitos de chaya (small tamales made of a spinach-like leaf) and of course an exquisite cup of atole (sweet and spicy porridge made from young and tender ears of corn) with a slice of stewed pumpkin for dessert. 

Maya Night Dessert at Ka'ana Resort, Belize

No trip to the Mayan jungle is complete without experiencing Ka’ana’s Maya night! We invite you to share in this this truly unique gastronomic experience every Tuesday night. Come gather round the fire and enjoy a magical evening with Ka’ana.

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