Our Favorite Summer Cocktails


Can you imagine a summer afternoon more perfectly than one spent by the pool with a meticulously-crafted cocktail in hand?

Neither can we! That’s why our cocktail menu is as extensive as it is unique. From [x]to [y], we’ve got something special to suit every taste. And each one comes  with a signature Belizean twist that you’ve come to expect from Ka’ana’s master mixologists.

Let’s dive in!

Drink by the pool

Mango Habanero Margarita

Why leave the best for last? Here at Ka’ana, we grow our own habaneros in the organic garden just down the path from our kitchen. Combined with tequila, muddled mango, and a splash of lime, this is the promised land for spicy palettes.

Did we mention we rim the glass with volcanic sea salt infused with Marie Sharp’s hot sauce?

Cocktails at Ka'ana: Sweet Corn Colada

Sweet Corn Colada

Got a bit of a sweet tooth? Ka’ana’s crowd favorite is the Sweet Corn Colada, a decidedly-Belizean take on the classic Pina Colada. With Crystal Lite Rum, our own special sweetcorn mix and creamy yogurt, it’s sure to please all the dessert lovers out there.

Cocktails at Ka'ana: Edward the Cucumber

Edward The Cucumber

Ka’ana’s black sheep, Edward the Cucumber is the weirdest-sounding drink you’ll ever end up loving right at first sip. Muddled cucumber and mint, fresh lime juice, and ginger are all added to gin or vodka for a uniquely refreshing taste. Perfect for those lazy summer afternoons after a morning of adventure.

Cocktails at Ka'ana: The Refresher

The Refresher

Spicy. Sweet. Cucumbers. None quite your style? We hear you, and we’re positive The Refresher is the answer. Not only will it satiate your thirst, it may just be your go-to cocktail for the duration of your time at Ka’ana.

It’s a simple affair of vodka and grapefruit juice, with a bit of wild cilantro leaf and a dash of salt. A lot of familiar and a little bit exotic. We know you’ll love it!

Cocktails at Ka'ana: The Succotz Cocktail

Bonus! Succotz Cocktail

Care to indulge in liquid luxury and help out the local children at the same time? For our favorite guests, we make a variant of our Sweet Corn Colada with chocolate and banana. All proceeds from this cocktail go to helping the nearby Succotz Primary School, so you can sip with abandon and know you’re doing something great for the local community.

Of course, our mixologists are also more than capable of crafting any sort of cocktail you can think of. Spicy mango gin fizz? Old fashioned with muddled jalapeños? We don’t call them “master” mixologists for nothing!

Interested in learning how to make your own cocktail? Take our mixology course while you’re here, and you’ll be the one impressing all your friends when you return home!

Thirsty yet? Get in touch and we’ll have a cocktail waiting by the pool when you arrive.