The Best Service in the World


We’re thrilled when our guests let us know how much they loved exploring the Mayan ruins just up the road, climbing through hidden caves in the jungle, relaxing by the pool in the evenings, and tasting our legendary assortment of cocktails late into the night. But nothing makes us happier than when guests tell us how much they love our Ka’ana family.

The best service in the world at Ka'ana

Reviews like this, written by a recent guest from Texas, are what make our smiles a little brighter and our steps a little springier.

This is what makes Ka’ana so special. You arrive as a guest, but you leave as part of our family. But don’t take it from us! We’ll let our new family members do the talking…

We really enjoyed our 7 night stay at Ka’ana. It all started with our transfer to the resort. Eddie picked us up and for the entire ride, which I think was an hour and a half but felt like less, he provided us all kinds of information about Belize. He found out we were interested in seeing wildlife and so stopped along the road when he spotted a Toucan and provided binoculars so we could see it better. It was a great introduction to the country!

Explore Belize with Ka'ana

We arrived at the resort and were provided with a cold towel and a refreshing drink. Our room was roomy and comfortable and I think Ka’ana is one of the only hotels with air conditioning in the area. The best part of the stay, though, was the service. All the members of the staff, (and I do mean ALL of them), were extremely helpful and friendly. I have never seen anything like it.

The Service at Ka'ana

Special call-outs to Elito and Katrina for their excellent service. The tours booked through the hotel are much more expensive than you can book elsewhere. However, you should book through the hotel. Here was our experience: our first tour was to the Belize Zoo. Ka’ana set up a special jaguar encounter, where we were able to feed the jaguar and get special photo opportunities. Jaime, our guide for this trip, was super enthusiastic, knew where all the animals were located, and was able to provide additional information about the animals and the zoo.

Belize Zoo Jaguar Tour

When we were ready to leave, we could because it was just my husband and I and Jaime and we didn’t have to wait for anyone else.

Our next trip was to Tikal, just the two of us, with our tour guide Marlon. Marlon was extremely knowledgeable and we had him all to ourselves to ask whatever questions we had. He also knew all the special trails through the park and was able to point out spider monkeys and toucans to us. He also found tarantula for us to hold. (You don’t have to do that if you don’t want to!)

Explore the jungle with Ka'ana

Thinking that couldn’t be beat, we went to ATM with Patrick. (If you only do one tour, this is the one to do!) The tour is setup early in the morning so you are the first people in the cave. We literally had the entire cave to ourselves until we were coming out. Patrick was able to turn off our lamps so we were in complete darkness. Patrick was super knowledgeable and had a very special personality that made the trip a lot of fun. He was also very good at guiding us through the cave, where to step, how to wade through the water to make it easier when we hit strong currents, and how to avoid pitfalls.

Explore with Ka'ana Belize

When we were coming out we saw other groups, (one after another since they weren’t the first ones in), and most of the groups had 8 people in them. I saw people really struggling with where to step because their guides were so far ahead of them they weren’t getting the instructions.

Experience Belize with Ka'ana

Our final trip was to Xunantunich with Brandon. He was also very knowledgeable about Mayan history. When we were finished with our tour, he recommended a restaurant near the site for a traditional lunch, taking extra time out of his day even though it wasn’t part of the tour.

For all the tours, since they are custom and just for your group, you can really get to know your guides and if you’re interested they’re super friendly and willing to share the details of their lives so can really get a feeling for what it’s like to live in Belize.

The Friendly Staff at Ka'ana Belize

Our final day, Eddie took us back to the airport, and we were once again treated to an hour and a half of additional information about the area. We travel often and have never seen a staff that is so engaged, informative and willing to go so above and beyond.

The Legendary Staff at Ka'ana Belize

Also, my 45th birthday happened during this trip and the staff made if very special by baking me a chocolate cake (that was delicious) and put together a very romantic setup for my husband and I. First they decorated our dinner table with candles and flowers. Then they also decorated the room in a similar fashion. Everyone who saw me that day wished me a Happy Birthday! I couldn’t believe the warmth of the staff and it made my birthday one of my best ever.

And many more happy birthdays to you! You’re always welcome to celebrate here at Ka’ana.

Whether you have a special occasion in mind or just want to experience a different kind of luxe adventure, talk to our team today to start planning your epic Ka’ana escape. Soon you’ll be part of the family, too.