Executive Chef Caleb Jones Brings New Flavors to Belize


This winter we’re thrilled to welcome our new Executive Chef to the Ka’ana kitchen!

Caleb Jones comes to us by way of some of the best restaurants in San Francisco. After cutting his teeth at the infamous Michael Mina Restaurant, he moved on to the Head Chef position at the heralded 20 Spot Wine Bar, where Zagat described his menu as going “far beyond the expected.” And now he’s arrived in Belize to put his own spin on our locally-inspired menu!

We sat down with Caleb to talk about his journey to Belize and what flavors he’ll be bringing to Ka’ana.

What drew you to Belize?

I was drawn to Belize to work with Ka’ana. The chance to build a food program from the ground up was very enticing, especially in a country that has such potential!

What local spice are you most excited to play with?

Red Recado. Primarily used for barbecue, this red paste – which includes cumin, cinnamon and garlic – gives a nice deep warmth to any meats it flavors. I’m interested in how I can insert subtly into foods.

Breakfast at Ka'ana Belize

Is there any typical Belizean cuisine that you want to put your own spin on?

I prefer to take elements such as flavor profiles and local ingredients and incorporate them into new dishes. It will be interesting and challenging to make new dishes that use masa, chaya, and cho cho while also combining the use of high levels of spicy peppers and herbs.

Are there any big changes coming to the menu that our guests can look forward to?

Oh yes! Quite a few in fact. All of the menus will be getting an update. We will keep the items that the guests really enjoy and add new dishes, too. In addition, we’ll also add new things like Sunday brunch and Afternoon Tea.

Menu at Ka'ana Belize Boutique Resort

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?

The possibilities. I really want to get to know the culture, the products and the people better – and help build a food program that not only plays to the history but also seeks to uncover new ground in this young emerging country.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with Caleb!

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